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Scope of LED screen applicatio

With LED screen and the popularity of applications, LED screen has become a beautiful landscape of today's information society, especially in the night comes, LED screen blooming bright screen can make people feel the world the colorful. However, with the continuous expansion of the scope of LED screen application, LED screen faults that occur more and more problems, then in the end, how to test the LED Display failure problem? Below the LED screen manufacturers a brief introduction.

1, resistance detection method, transferred to the multimeter resistance profile, detects the resistance value of a point to a normal circuit board, and then test to detect whether the same point with the normal resistance value of another piece of the same board have different, If it is different to determine the scope of the problem.

2, the voltage detection method, the multimeter transferred voltage profile, voltage detecting suspected to ground a point of the circuit in question, whether the comparison is similar to normal values, otherwise defined the scope of the problem.

3, short-circuit detection, the multimeter transferred to short-circuit detection block (diode drop some files or resistance profile, generally with alarm function), to detect whether there is a short circuit phenomenon occurs, priority should be found after a short circuit, so as not to burn other devices. The Act must be in the case of power failure circuit operation, to avoid damage to the table.

4, drop detection, will be transferred multimeter diode drop detection gear because all IC are many single elements from the basic composition, but small, so when the current through it on a pin, will there is a voltage drop on the pin. IC pins are generally similar to the same pressure drop of the same type on, according to the pressure drop pin relatively good or bad, the case must be of the circuit operation.