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Want a search engine marketing strategy that will get you targeted traffic -- fast? Then look no further than pay-per-click advertising (PPC). PPC allows you to pay for a top spot in the "sponsored" listings that appear to the right and top of the main search results. But having your PPC ad appear for your top keywords is just half the battle. You don't want people to just see your ad... you want people to click through to your website! In order to maximize this search engine marketing essential Skal Labissiere Jersey , you need to make every letter of your ad count. Here are three ways to maximize every square inch... Search Engine PPC Tip #1. Make the most of your headline You've got just 25 characters (including spaces) to grab attention and pique interest! The best way to do just that is to use it to highlight the biggest benefit of your offer. If you sell an eBook that teaches readers how to train their puppy in 7 days, this is a great benefit that you could highlight. So your headline could become: "Train a Puppy in 7 Days" or "Easy Puppy Training." Search Engine PPC Tip #2. Target your ad copy to a specific problem You've got 70 characters including spaces to persuade people to click through to your website. But you don't want to waste money getting people to click on your ads if they have to interest in buying once they arrive! So make sure you target the right people by building each ad around a specific problem that people are trying to solve. That means creating different ads for Puppy training than for dog obedience, example. And the more specific your ads are, the better your Google Quality Score will be... which means you'll pay less for each click! (Remember: Search engine marketing is not just about getting traffic De'Aaron Fox Jersey , it's about lasering in on the exact people who are looking for what you offer.) Search Engine PPC Tip #3. Pepper your ad with your keyword If you want to get the best possible results from your ad, it's paramount you include the keyword your ad is built around -- ideally in your headline, description, and URL. The Internet Marketing Center found that PPC ads with keywords in both the title and description receive 50% more clicks than ads that don't. Plus Willie Cauley-Stein Jersey , the search engines automatically bold the keywords in your ad, so your ad will attract more attention. Done correctly, PPC is one of the most effective search engine marketing strategies for getting qualified traffic quickly. Follow these tips, and you'll make the most of its conversion-boosting power. Article Source: Link About the Author: Derek Gehl Jason Williams Jersey , CEO of The Internet Marketing Center, helps online entrepreneurs create incomes of $100,000 to $2.5 MILLION or more per year online. Now you can get the proven search engine marketing strategies Derek uses to quickly, easily Vlade Divac Jersey , and automatically get traffic and make money online in IMC's Search Marketing Labs. ELeavers is a contextual advertising network that offers huge benefits to publishers. Here's a little about how it works and how to get the most out of your eLeaver publisher experience. It's a pretty straightforward system for publishers that can result in thousands of dollars in income over time. The publisher program of this company is designed to emulate common pay-per-click ad revenue programs similar to Google AdSense. You make money in the same way with this program as you do with AdSense. It's a simple system. You create and log into your account, then you copy and paste the code generated by the system onto your website where you want a pay per click ad from eLeavers to appear. Once the ads are in place the system will search its database of advertisers and deliver targeted ads. There are some things to keep in mind to make the eLeavers publisher system work for you right out of the gate. By saying eLeavers is a contextual advertising system, it just means that advertisers bid on certain keywords. Some keywords will end up being a couple dollars a click, while others could yield just a couple of cents per click. Varying quality text and content will make will attract a better quality of ads and more income. In addition Peja Stojakovic Jersey , your site must always have at least 250 useful words, so updating your content and making sure you have more than the minimum will get the best results. When signing up, you will only be approved after you copy and paste the ads code into the spaces you want the ads, and there must be more than the minimum words. Ad placement is also something you need to put some thought into. Small ads at the bottom of the page will not significantly help with clicks and thereby income. The best way to maximize income is with three large ad units Oscar Robertson Jersey , one at the top, one to the right side and one in the center of the page. It allows for continuity of text and your content, while keeping the ads front and center as well. The administrative team at eLeavers is just like Google AdSense in that your account will be suspended if you participate in any Pay To Click ("PTC") program. It is a logical policy to protect and keep advertisers happy. Also, another point to keep in mind is that eLeavers does give different values for the origin of the click. Clicks are valued by region and those coming from English speaking countries Mike Bibby Jersey , especially the United States, tend to have the highest values while those coming from Bangladesh, India, Russia and China and most eastern part of the world will be valued the lowest. So Mitch Richmond Jersey , the eLeavers publishing program works. It just works better if you keep these .