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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Tuesday that outsider countries should support efforts to safeguard peace and stability in South China Sea instead of doing the opposite. Those countries directly concerned have been back "on the right track" to resolve the South China Sea issue through dialogue and consultation Alex Pietrangelo Salute to Service Jersey , Wang told a press conference after the fourth round of China-Australia diplomatic and strategic dialogue. "So in this sense, we have attached great importance to the recent statement made by US Defense Secretary James Mattis, stressing diplomatic efforts to resolve the dispute over South China Sea Paul Stastny Salute to Service Jersey ," said Wang. "It's not only the position taken by China and the ASEAN countries, but also a right choice for outsider countries," he added. When asked what the message China would like to send to the United States over the South China Sea issue Dmitrij Jaskin Salute to Service Jersey , Wang suggested that the United States review the Word War II history. "It's with the aid of the United States that the Chinese government of that day recovered the Nansha Islands in 1946 publicly and legally," he said. Wang said China will always adhere to a peaceful approach, based on historical facts and international law Alexander Steen Salute to Service Jersey , to resolve the South China Sea issue through dialogue and consultation with the directly concerned countries. by Hassan Rouhvand TEHRAN, Aug. 22 (Xinhua) -- The words "Experience China in Iran" inscribed in the center of a big banner shaded with a deep azure hue and posted at the yard of Niavaran Cultural Center welcome the visitors to the opening ceremony of a Chinese cultural event in Iran's capital Tehran on Monday. A further reading of the posters and designs in the interior setting of the cultural center invites us to learn more about the theme of the event, namely, cultural exploration of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The one-week event, titled "2016 Experience China in Iran," is open to public from Aug. 22 until Aug. 28 and features Xinjiang through a photo exhibition, seminars and other cultural activities. As Iranian and other countries' cultural officials and diplomats, groups of Chinese and Iranian artists, media representatives and other guests stepped into the main hall for official opening, a live music by Xinjiang performers attracts sights and senses of the participants. The audience are then invited to listen to the remarks and messages of the officials from both countries to the event. Cui Yuying, deputy director of China's State Council Information Office, said the festival will help the Iranian people know more about Xinjiang and feel the diverse culture in China. "Iran and China enjoy vast area of cultural commonalities ... and it would be a great success to keep this culture of deep friendship between two countries alive," Ali Moradkhani, Iran's deputy minister of Culture and Islamic Guidence, said. A photo exhibition, which occupies major space of Niavaran Cultural hall, presents Xinjiang with a long artistic history of singing and dancing, not only as China's cultural treasure but also an important component of the world's music and art. The images also picture the colorful ethnoscape of Xinjiang where different ethnic groups such as Uygur, Kazak, Kirgiz, Tajik and Mongolians have over time created the splendid music of harmonic life together in peace. Mohammad, a medical student from Tehran's Shahid Beheshti University who visited the exhibition, told Xinhua that "holding such exhibitions and gatherings will help us get familiar with the Chinese culture. The musical performance is very good, very beautiful." The event was jointly organized by the State Council Information Office of China, the autonomous regional government of Xinjiang and the Chinese Embassy in Iran. Festival, which runs through Aug. 28, will showcase Xinjiang's music and dance, traditional costumes and other cultural heritage, in addition to its nature and tourist attractions. The bicep is an important muscle for both women and men. Useful for lifting, well defined and shapely biceps are appealing and look great. There are several ways to exercise your biceps and you can use resistance bands instead of free weights to get excellent results. Many people are turning away from free weights because they are heavy, take up too much space and are awkward to store and carry Brayden Schenn Salute to Service Jersey , while resistance bands offer the same benefits they are much easier stored and carried. When traveling, it can be difficult to bring free weights to ensure that you continue your bicep workouts. Resistance bands are compact and can be easy to store away in your luggage. Make certain that you do not neglect your biceps workout just because you are on the road. With several bicep exercises to choose from, you can mix up your workouts and ensure that your biceps continue to get the strengthening and toning work that they need. When beginning any health Scottie Upshall Salute to Service Jersey , diet, or exercise program it is a good idea to speak with your heath care provider first. Those who have had shoulder or elbow injuries, suffer from chronic joint pain Joel Edmundson Salute to Service Jersey , or struggle with arthritis should discuss the use and benefits of resistance training with their health care provider. It is important to recognize the warning signs of pain and never push yourself to the point of injury. Yet, most health care providers agree that exercise is the best way to prevent the debilitating effects of arthritis and other joint related conditions. Use a lighter resistance band when just beginning and aim for 3 sets of 25 repetitions. When you can complete these easily and effortlessly, progress to the band that provides the next level of resistance. Bands usually come in many different colors to show their strength levels so you know what pound each resistance band is. There are a variety of . 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