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NAIROBI Caris LeVert Jersey , July 6 (Xinhua) -- Three years ago, Flomena Cheyecharrived in London, eyeing her first medal at the Commonwealth Gamesin Edenborough, Scotland. However, her cruise to success has not been as fast as she wouldhave liked and as she prepares to return to Britain for the WorldYouth Championships in London, Cheyech is convinced this will turnaround her career for the better. "The hardest challenge is to make the Kenya team. Kenya has somany elite runners that running under two hours and 20 minutes isnot news to many. To represent my country at the next month in theWorld Championships is the best present I have got. Running with myexperienced teammates will really motivate me to do well Allen Crabbe Jersey ," shesaid. Ironically, Cheyech 35, has represented Kenya in three pastoccasions, all in Britain. She made her debut as a teenager in 1999at the Belfast (Ireland) World Cross Country and returned toEngland ten years later for the IAAF World Half MarathonChampionships in 2009 in Birmingham. On both occasions she failed to win a medal. In 2014, she wongold on third attempt at the Commonwealth Games. Now she hopes tosecure a bigger prize when she contested the marathon distance atthe London World Championships. Competing in London will offer Cheyech an opportunity tochallenge for the title alongside experienced 2016 Tokyo Marathonwinner Helah Kiprop and reigning Boston Marathon champion EdnaKiplagat. "They will always guide me and it will be a team work effort.But finally it will be about your individual strength and I hope tobe champion," she added. "We are sharpening our skills as we lookforward to a good competition next month." Kiplagat has twice won the World championships. The 37-year-old Cheap Brooklyn Nets Jerseys ,who won the marathon at the 2011 and 2013 IAAF World Championships,will be competing at her fourth World Championships. In April, shewon the Boston Marathon. Helah Kiprop, who won the 2016 Tokyo marathon, is training inKaptagat, near Eldoret town and is focused on winning Kenya themedal. "I hope we will get a clean sweep Trevor Booker Nets Jersey ," she said. "The withdrawal ofFlorence Kiplagat and Mary Keitany does not make our team anyweaker. The other two runners we have are as serious and we hope towin in London." Enditem Every gamer wants a powerful machine. Unfortunately, building one can be incredibly expensive. As the graphics card often dictates the in-game performance of your computer, a high-end GPU is considered a must for a serious gamer. The most powerful graphics cards can be very expensive and also become obsolete over time. However, with the emergence of multi-GPU technology, you can combine multiple cards to achieve better performance. This could allow you to purchase less expensive graphics cards for use with your gaming system. As your needs increase, you can purchase another card to take some of the load off of your current hardware. This will give you a quality experience with even the newest games that was previously only available on a specialty gaming card. Nvidia's SLI and ATI's CrossFire technologies offer multiple card support. If you are interested in build a rig around this strategy Timofey Mozgov Nets Jersey , you should be careful to get the correct components. If you want multi-GPU support, you require a motherboard that supports it. Most newer gaming motherboards will offer this. Also, you will need a tremendously powerful power supply to pump out the voltages needed to run multiple cards. These SLI-ready power supplies are not necessarily expensive, you just don't want to have to buy a new power supply when you get a new card. If you use this strategy to build your gaming PC, you can purchase newer graphics cards that are just a few months behind the newest releases. These are much cheaper cards. Don't worry about the performance of your machine lagging behind, though Sean Kilpatrick Nets Jersey , the addition of future cards will allow you a similar boost in performance to one of the newest, pricey cards. You can save up money for extra cards as you go without having to throw out old parts. Remember to plan your purchases around the limitations of multi-GPU technology. For example, an Nvidia SLI rig will require you to use only cards of the same chip set. If you intend to use a GeForce 9800 GT, for example, you will need to get the same card when you add a second. ATI's CrossFire technology allows you to use different cards from the same series. 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