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Mafia City H5 is a MMORPG game now available

Taming creatures is an awful lot like taming Pokémon. Creatures have a much lower chance of being caught if they are at full health and unafflicted, online mafia games, so you can increase your chances substantially if you pour some damage into them beforehand. For best results, try reducing the enemy to low health, which you can see when the name under their model turns red. You should also break their armor to zero if they have any, and be sure to use a 3x boosted Capture as well. Do all of the above and you should have no trouble catching your new pets.

For H’aanit’s dream team you are going to want to capture a bunch of Ice and Fire Sentinels, which look a bit like lanterns with razors attached to them. The Ice Sentinels make an appearance in Therion’s starting mission in the hallways inside Ravus Manor above Bolderfall, and are easily tamed without much effort. Both Ice and Fire Sentinels can also be found in the underground cave underneath the Royal Academy in Atlasdam where Cyrus goes on his initial story mission. Both of these areas can be re-entered after you have completed their respective missions, so don’t worry about having H’aanit with you when you go through them. With a strength rating of four, these sentinels can push out some major fire and ice damage, with max boosted attacks regularly reaching 1500 damage each time. These sentinels can be a great asset when fighting against provoked targets as they are able to dish out big numbers and are easily replenished if you run out of charges.

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