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[img][/img] Josh Allen has been tucked away with the third-stringers in Buffalo, but he hasn't gone unnoticed by at least one Bills starter. Talented second-year cornerback Tre'Davious White is impre sed with the handiwork of the team's rookie quarterback, chosen seventh overall to battle veterans AJ McCarron and Nathan Peterman. "Josh Allen has been doing a great job of throwing that ball," White said during Tuesday's episode of Up to the Minute. "I'd say he has a great arm. He's been throwing it and throwing around. Be on the lookout for Josh Allen, he's going to be one of the best young quarterbacks in this league for a long time." Allen's calling card is arm strength [url=][b]Odell Beckham Jr White Jersey[/b][/url] . His college-level struggles gave plenty of teams pause, but nobody is doubting his ability to fire the ball. "[His arm is] great. It's one of the best I've seen," White said. "At a young age, and for him just coming into the league, he's been zipping that thing. It comes with a lot of heat behind it. So, he's going to break a lot of guys' fingers this year." NFL Network's Andrew Siciliano followed up by asking: "It's almost like a comic book arm. People describe it as something you'd see in a movie. Is it that good?" "It's as good as advertised," White said. "Whatever you've heard about it, it's all [url=][b]Evan Engram Jersey[/b][/url] true." Allen has shown that throwing power, but his results, understandably, have been up-and-down during team OTAs, mixing saucy completions with the occasional "ugly interception," per The Buffalo News. Allen split opinions in the lead up to the draft. His raw power and 6-foot-5, 222-pound frame had legions of scouts hot-and-bothered, but his 56.3 completion percentage at Wyoming had others freaked. "The wonder boy," one scout said to longtime beat writer Bob McGinn before the draft. "There's been nobody that's been good with his poor stats, his lack of dominance, the low percentage and the lack of winning. I just dont think he has a good feel for the game. That's his problem. And this guy is not in the SEC or the Big Ten. This guy played in a terrible level of competition [Mountain West]. Even the good players from small schools [Eastern Illinois] like Jimmy Garoppolo, those guys dominated. When you start making excuses for a guy, it's over with. You should stop right there. You do it or you don't." Scout No. 2: "Can throw through a wall. Man, does he have some accuracy i sues that I cannot see getting better. He's got a big arm but there have been a lot of quarterbacks like that that have failed." [url=][b]Saquon Barkley Youth White Jersey[/b][/url] And ... scout No. 3: "I'm not saying his arm is Terry Bradshaw's but it's as good an arm as youd want. Those kids at Wyoming couldn't hang on [to his pa ses]. Ten years from now you'll think this kid was the best kid in the cla s. I think he'll have a long and storied career." It's Allen's turn to write the official [url=][b]Damon Harrison Jersey[/b][/url] story. That's not easy to pull off, though, while playing with a rash of third-stringers and two veterans above him. McCarron was brought in as a somewhat enigmatic presence with a chance to start Week 1, but this front office also spent last offseason crowing over Peterman. Both pa sers have been given a chance to earn the job, splitting first-team reps in practice while Allen -- the first-rounder -- watches from afar. It's June, though, and we all know how this works. Without a proven, cemented starter atop the food chain, a promising, rocket-armed rookie like Allen will have every chance to win the job.