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Adding in the ability to choose the team

This isn't the mlb. I want ejections and having the ability to claim calls and consequences of all of it..positive and negative. This is actually boring shit. They should just call it Baseball simulator. Oh and rapid handle was just nice if I didn't wanna play with all MLB The Show 19s. We did not require this manner. Enormous huge idle miss. Hey we're gonna offer you on this new mode but the only difference is, you don't play the entire MLB The Show 19 Stubs game.The Mets are in the favorites category????????? Someone at SDS loves trolling. It is possible to make make a solid case for literally every other team in the division. Nats-Pitching alone keeps them in it. Phils-Added 3 All-Stars, McCutvhen and Robertson and are not done addressing their pitching staff. They will mash opponents to death like the Yankees did this past year. Finally, the Braves should be even better after a year of maturing for each of their youngsters. You can pull some of them out of a hat and it makes sense. I really don't see the purpose of this mode. You only play the big moments in MLB The Show 19 on your"March to October" where's the fun in that? I do like the addition of a on-field announcer bringing additional realism into MLB The Show 19 but do not see the purpose in playing only key moments. Franchise mode is too in-depth in front office moves during and at the off-season. I only want to have the ability to pick up and go and was really hoping this manner was"Franchise light".Need to put this on Xbox just as well you'd make tons more money and this the only reason to purchase a ps4 because both systems have the rest of the sports with ps4 being the only one which has a true baseball game not the imitation baseball games as I call them because they are not as comprehensive as the MLB the show games. Adding in the ability to choose the team that drafts me is huge. I cant tell you how much time I wasted trying to receive my team to draft me season. Thank you!Because of baseball rules, you need to skip half of your career before you play for a team you desire if you had been drafted by a team you dont like.As mad as it seem I was going to skip this year title if they didn't put in MLB The Show 19 the ability to visit any group we want, to devote 6th year for a team we don't enjoy or being traded about was the worst. Finest addition in my opinion.Yes it was for non street to the series games. I guess it was gone at a certain point since in 2017 I think they brought it back. Im not sure if The Display had it but I know 2k called it supervisor showdown or something. Its an age old feature that they added in since the franchise styles big upgrade. I liked the idea of the in-game development system introduced this past year, but thought it had some defects on the implementation. Looks like they might not have changed it at all. The only way to earn progression points in a match on Plate Vision is by chance off a hit (about getting a base hit a ball that buy stubs mlb the show 19 was a strike too ). Quicker than it should. How about losing Contact following a Strikeout or swinging and missing within the zone excessively throughout a game would be OK, but what should I wind up with a base hit in that at-bat? Thus cus I happened to overlook one of the pitches in the at-bat I had some Contact regression even though I wound up with a base hit? Does not make a whole lot of sense. Again, I like the concept, but it is still in dire need of some changes. The way Clutch points were awarded out and removed was a big problem last year also.