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Bosa knows that it's not the ceiling

Herbert's score isn't publicly available, as ratings are slowly released. Two Charger players, Joey Bosa (and Keenan Allen) have been evaluated.Allen, a 93-year-old overall has been named one of the league's top ten most highly-rated wide receivers. This is very pleasing, even though Keenan Allen is often not slept on. Joey Bosa's Madden 22 rating is solid, but leaves room to grow for the LA Chargers edge rusher.Joey Bosa enters Madden 22 as left outside in 92 overall linebacker (in previous editions , he was a left-handed end, however since the LA Chargers going to a 3-4 defense, he's an outside linebacker of the left). I'd be hard-pressed to criticize the grade Bosa earned since he's one of the top edge rushers in the league. Bosa knows that it's not the ceiling. Bosa should be in the upper 90s by the time he's finished of the season and Madden adjusts his ratings accordingly. It would not surprise if Bosa was rated second to Aaron Donald as a defensive lineman. The primary reason is Staley. Bosa is already an expert player in his field but Staley has made a livelihood by helping elite players become better. Von Miller and Khalil Mack enjoyed success under Staley. In actual fact, Mack had a career year with Staley as his coach for outside linebackers and isn't at that level since. Mack is evidently still an outstanding player, however the team hasn't been able to replicate the success of his 2018 season. He was the best matchup of his career playing with Staley as well as Vic Fangio to the Denver Broncos following that season. If you want to know more about Madden 22, you can go to