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Most new players will want to keep this setting set

But, if you set the meter's setting to off, it won't be possible to observe the shot meter at all in 2K22. There are some advantages to this, and will go over those shortly. In the meantime, let's examine what you'll need to do in order to remove the shot meter for NBA 2K22. To stop the shot meter, you must go to the Settings menu, either within the game using in the Pause Menu or on the Main Menu. Once you're in the Settings Select Controller Settings. After that, you will see there is a Shot Meter option. To ensure it stays on make sure it is set to On. Like you'd expect the setting is Off to shut off the shot meter. Most new players will want to keep this setting set. However, for experienced players who have a good understanding of shooting and want to challenge themselves switching off this setting can have an advantage. It is generally accepted that shots will be boosted when this setting is disabled. In addition, it will ensure that in online play opponents won't have the ability to view the meter on your screen, and can't anticipate an unintended rebound in the event that you do not get a green release. Recent patch notes aim at improving the game's performance on all consoles, but there are some aspects that were not noticed. The game's players have begun to take advantage of its Post Hook stat, with the viral TikTok pushing it to its absolute extreme in a way that would make Peter Griffin proud. If you want to know more about NBA 2K, you can go to