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It's not always a straightforward VC buyout

No matter how tiny the bonuses might seem, they're all. The entire week's rewards are shown on the website and, when considered together, these benefits would cost you at least 10 dollars per week. Consider a daily log-in as free 3 dollars can help to frame the situation. Seasonal prizes are subject to expiration and, once they're gone they're gone (unless you auction off your earnings). If you do not take advantage of these top prizes will see players fall further and further behind as the seasons progress. In the event that you fail to score the first goal of the season, it is near a death alarm. In the future, your opponents will likely have badges, cards, and even upgrades. Sure, there will be new prizes however having access to all seasonal prizes can be more beneficial that it appears. It's not always a straightforward VC buyout. Many prizes and upgrades are secured by other forms of currency that aren't bought using real currency. That's actually good news; it means that these are practical purchases for everyone. People who are stuck in an VC mindset can be great in the auction of house items and packs, but they will miss out on the top equipment that is only available by making tokens available in addition to MyTeam (MT) Coins. The new currencies should be prioritized over VC. If you want to know more about NBA 2K, you can go to