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What is your personal number of prestige?

Additionally, when I perform the same f12 repeatedly and I get an f6 that is ticked off, and then f7. Is the base xp of either f12 or f7? What is the one I am doing or the one that is ticked off? You get XP for your prestige floor. Then XP to the floor that you actually completed, divided by 2. If you check off something lower than you actually did, it counts on the lower floor as the floor you actually do. Abd is f12, which will not take off frozen floors. What is your personal number of prestige? The highest floor? The total number of floors performed prior to your last reset. How much xp/h can i anticipate in F2P? In the end, if my progression is 20/25... then if I score f20 or lower then I won't be able to earn fame? It only checks off floors of the same theme. Frozen 1-11 Abd 12-17 Furn 18-29 Abd2 30-35. I don't get prestige anymore. I've always been able to earn prestige until when I reseted it. Then I no longer get prestige even when my progress is just 19. When I finish the floor, even though I didn't perform the floor prior to it, my progress increases. I've just noticed that the ones before it didn't go up. Only the floors you did. So I have to do things like f7,8,9,10 and 15,16,17. :( It's not what you're saying it's. It's just a matter of checking off floors of the same theme. Don't dice. It's not a legitimate way to make money, that is according to Jagex it's illegal under federal law too. The reputable dice clans charge upwards of 2B for a rank, based on what I've been told. If you want to know more about RSorder, you can go to