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If you're looking for boots, you'll likely want to stick to dragon. There are better boots called "ragefire" I believe however I'm not sure you'd like to put your money on these. To get gloves, use barrows gloves from RFD or possibly an goliath glove from The dominion tower. Goliaths require you to be done lots of quests and many arcade-style battles in large towers full of quest-based bosses. You might find them after you've completed your questing in general I'm sure. For the ring, there's the ring that's free which you can obtain by completing "A Return to Stone" (I think that's how the quest's name is). It's located at TzHaar city, near its birthplace pool. It's the fremmenik attack ring's bonuses, and some very good to use teleports and a combat bonus against the tzhaar. It is also possible to purchase the Berserker ring, which comes with a strength bonus, or you could opt for the explorer's ring which provides alchemy spells for free each day. You could get an Onyx Ring and make it more effective with the ability to mobilise armies. Search for this stuff if want more detail. What are your thoughts? I'd personally get the Ascension(s) however, I always select the most superior equipment before everything else in the event that questions such as yours are asked. I'm biased as fk when it comes down to stuff like this because of the type of RuneScape player I am. If you want to know more about RSorder, you can go to